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Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Pledge
Denocos Federal Credit Union respects the privacy of our members and recognizes our duty to keep personal information secure and confidential.

Member Information
Safeguarding your personal information is one of our most important responsibilities. We collect only relevant information that is needed to establish and maintain your account and process your transactions or as required by law. We collect and use various types of information from public records as well as the following sources.
Information You Provide to Us. We retain information we receive from you on any application you provide for membership or loans.
Your Transactions. We collect and use various types of information from your transactions with us and others.
Credit Reports. We may request a credit report from a consumer reporting agency when processing a loan request from you. We retain the personal and credit information we obtain and may use it to evaluate additional services requested by you or when exercising our legal rights under an agreement with you. We may also report certain information to credit bureaus about loans which you have with us. Our reporting to credit bureaus is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Information Sharing
In the normal course of doing business, we may share your personal and financial information with third-party service providers to the extent necessary to service your account. We limit who receives the information and the type of information provided. Former member information may be shared as needed to administer an account or as required by law. We do not share your personal and financial information with independent third-party marketers or service providers offering their own products and services. We do not sell or otherwise distribute our member lists.
In order to service your account and process your transactions we need to share information with our service providers including financial service providers, data processing companies, insurance companies, collection agencies and credit reporting agencies. The following categories of information may be shared, as necessary, with third-party service providers:
  • Personal information such as your name, address and telephone number.
  • Account information such as account types, account balances and transaction history.
  • Transaction information such as dates, amounts and type of transaction.

Accuracy of the Information

Keeping your personal and financial information accurate is an essential part of the service which we provide. We have established systems and procedures to maintain the accuracy of your information and ensure that it is complete and current. If you ever find that your information is inaccurate or incomplete please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will correct the information as soon as possible.

Safeguarding Your Privacy

We maintain strict internal controls to ensure your information remains secure and confidential. These controls include personnel policies and procedures and security controls established to protect your privacy. Our employees and service providers have access only to the information necessary to provide services and process transactions. They are required to follow all policies and procedures established to protect your privacy. Physical and procedural safeguards have also been established to assure your information is secure. We sincerely appreciate your trust in choosing Denocos to be your financial partner and will continue to review and upgrade our security controls to ensure the security of your personal and financial information in the future.